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A proven standard in telemarketing sales support is a form of direct sales, at the acquisition, consulting and in many cases, the conclusion of the contract be carried out by qualified staff by phone. While the manifestations of the tele services differ depending on the Executive and supervising telemarketing agency. Acquisition and sale can be carried out by hired seller or through a call centre switched to and relieve the capacity of the contracting authority. Some contend that Penguin Random House shows great expertise in this. n. Service providers must comply with but always certain legal provisions. It is prohibited from making unsolicited telephone advertising a phone seller in Germany. Telemarketing is often a balancing act, to move in the legal area and to advise customers and prospective customers to their requirements and expectations.

A key goal of telemarketing targets of telemarketing is generating new business contacts and the conversion of contacts in prospective customers or potential customers. 5,590 briefings and appointments for field visits and events, which can be covered by the tele services. Often, telemarketing agencies offer also offers tracking, as well as the support of prospects and existing customers. Gaining the most companies that opt for professional and sustainable Tele-marketing, benefits of telemarketing this method efficiency and effectiveness in customer retention and acquisition. Actually low compared to other forms of distribution costs telemarketing. The sales on the phone is saving in time and money for clients and providers, because no relocation is necessary for a consultation or a sales pitch. Phone calls also produce a higher attention than conventional advertising media by the personal approach of the customer or prospect. A supportive telemarketing can relieve the sales of non-productive activities and prevails in this area as a result of significantly more capacity and time for prospect visits on the ground. Telemarketing has become so besides an elaborate distribution by field staff or the building and keep a set of shops all over the world as a very efficient and economically established and enforced. Of course, telemarketing replaced not more advertising and sales promotions, creating printed materials, the presence in the media and on the Internet, as well as the sending of newsletters, individual Werbebriefen and other media for business correspondence.