Window To Hope

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Often thrown into face before youth believe that the world starts with her. True. But old age even more often believed that the world end with her. What is worse? Christian Friedrich Hebbel Poeta and German dramatist to my granddaughter Irene we are at the dawn of a new year. A book with blank pages and that us, just us, we will be responsible for writing with our true or false words and our actions. We have before us an immaculately white canvas in which we imagine wonderful images that we have to paint. Giving more to be a canvas or a book; In short is an open window to hope.

Outside that window still nothing, but we have the illusion of finding that perfect paradise that we all yearn for and which we call the future. A future that we will have to make reality among all and whose main engine generator of energy as always has been in the history of mankind should find their origin in our youth. Recently, my granddaughter of twenty years who is attending his second I showed joyous year of University studies, a work carried out jointly with a group of fellow. The same me revealed as a beautiful fruit which found fresh fragrance that always emanates from youth; It was the rich harvest produced by the contribution of each of the team members; the work that projected the exciting joy and multicoloured luminosity with that morcelas always looks to the future; the sum of a conjunction of efforts and wills that it gave off the uncontainable strength and vivacity of the spirits with the aim of conquering the infinite, of having it at your fingertips. I felt joy and admiration by many youth groups, which are applied with determination and enthusiasm to build their future by acquiring such knowledge like this, that morning will be necessary, not only to consolidate its way of life, but to be useful to society, and at the same time, I thought about dark and doubtful tomorrow that are on the horizon.