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Second Best Tenerife Destination

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Tenerife, second best destination of sunshine for this winter according to Tripadvisor users on November 18, 2010, Tenerife is the second best destination of sunshine for this winter according to the users of the Tripadvisor travel portal. The island is situated in the ranking only behind Egypt and is the only place in Spain in the list of the 10 most valued. Vice President first of the Cabildo and island Councillor of tourism, Jose Manuel Bermudez, points out that this is proof that the offer of the island is one of the most appreciated and valued among travellers looking for a destination with good temperature ensured in an era in which the rest of Europe are, in many cases, below zero. Bermudez added that the news is, moreover, very positive because valuations in this outstanding travel portal perform them users themselves, so you express really their opinions and preferences. The list drawn up by Tripadvisor, behind Tenerife are located in destinations such as Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, Cyprus, Madeira, Dubai or Malta. It is not the first time that the island tops lists of favorite resorts in Internet travel portals. Thus, a few months ago she was elected also by Tripadvisor as fifth favorite European destination for family travel.

Tenerife has also been the second destination most sought for 2010 by British travellers who use the travel Skyscanner website. In particular they have looked for hotels in the region of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In the ranking this portal developed earlier this year about 50 places preferred by its users to spend your holidays this year, the island was only surpassed by Malaga, and stood ahead of places like New York, Paris or Rome. The island was also one of the favorite destinations for German users of the portal of comparative check24.de. In March, the island received nearly 60,000 votes as a destination preferred to go on vacation, only behind Mallorca. For more information: Infoturismo Tenerife 00 800 100 101 00 source: press release submitted by lianne. New tourist bus to tour Santa Cruz city Attractions Tenerife the waiting period for santa cruz dentist has come to an end health tips travel family travel Outlet: large sales private portals moved tab Weird news Rikudim Jan Van der Roost conducting (part 1)