Art From Antiquity Until Today

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Every day we are confronted with art, but who knows really what is behind it? Since the beginning of mankind, art has an important cultural and social influence. But what is art? Tips from the experts has embark on the search for clues – and found from ancient times until today some amazing relationships! You can do this all on tips-read from the The smile of the Mona Lisa, although already 500 years old, attracts daily thousands of viewers captivated. The fat Chair by Joseph Beuys, is considered as a masterpiece, is devalued but still with malice and criticism as “Abomination”. So, what is art? And why was and is art so immensely important for social development? Tips from the experts, to go in a multipage report on the ground trying these and other questions.

There are not only a profound attempt, why art has accomplished a decisive step in the evolution of humankind at the beginning, but also as the history of the today’s society has shaped. Already Pablo Picasso has replied to the question: “What is art?” can give only one response: “you expect from me, you say, I’ll define you: what is art?” If I knew, I would keep it for me!” Still, the article on, the story of attempts to explain the essence and meaning of art also for laymen of the fine arts and discuss. In addition to the individual epochs of history of art, there are many tips and explanations of the most important artists and museums around the world. The American painter earn tried Kollar, making the art itself can be explained and to discover the most beautiful secret of the world with simple and understandable words. Well-known and notable artists and their works are exclusively presented in this report. An excursion which offers an exciting and instructive look into the world of art and culture also art inexperienced users and raises some question with amazing answers! Editor: Patricia Kurz image: archive Wolfgang Lehner