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Corporation Energy

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Moscow, 9 December 2010. Company Esri CIS, the exclusive representative in the CIS countries of Esri, the world's largest provider of geographic information technologies, and JSC "Russian Corporation of communication" (Welfare Services Compensation Fund), the first in Russia manufacturer authorized equipment in the field of IT and telecommunications (part of the state corporation "Russian Technologies") announced a partnership agreement. Cooperation between the companies provides for the development and joint market promotion of geographic information systems for the public sector, including enterprises of electric power and other industries. At this stage the company will focus on creating solutions for effective management of electricity transmission networks and generation assets. Among these solutions: situational-analysis centers for monitoring and responding to, planning and optimization of network infrastructure, integrated system of energy security, GIS-based solutions for building intelligent networks Smart Grid.

These solutions are designed to help enterprises of the branch in achieving the strategic performance indicators: improving the efficiency of investment, energy efficiency, as well as maintenance and repair. According to participants of the partnership agreement, the GIS will play a central role element systems, situational management of utilities (situational-analysis centers, automated network management). GIS will provide the basis for building of strategic analysis and management of energy business, including – and in emergency situations. In this case the GIS, speaking of actual data storage, will assume the function of "single window" for different categories of users (from the workplace energy, including mobile – to the workplace supervisor). To achieve this objective will be to develop a single set of formal concepts and terms, as well as prepare the relevant meta-data (so-called "corporate ontology").

Dianetics Helps People

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For almost a year, as every weekend in religious association 'Church of Scientology of Almaty "at ul. Makatayev on Dianetics seminar held 126 Hubbard. This weekend was no exception. As always, the two day seminar were very rich and intense. In this seminar, everyone can master the techniques of Dianetics – the modern science of mind. Founder of Dianetics, L.

Ron Hubbard wrote: "Dianetics (from the Greek dia- through "and nous- Mind, "or "Soul") – the science of the mind. It's much easier to physics or chemistry, but not inferior to them in exactly the axioms and their far superior in terms of usefulness. In Dianetics was detected only source of all psychosomatic human diseases and the irrationality of his behavior and thinking and methodology was developed that allows to eradicate them with the same success. " Through the film 'How to apply Dianetics' participants on a visual example studied the principles of the human mind. After getting acquainted with some principles and techniques of Dianetics members together in pairs so that once on the personal experience to test and verify the effectiveness of Dianetics. Every participant has always discovering something new and find answers to many questions. Here are reviews of some participants: "I'm glad I had the opportunity in this life to learn about Dianetics. It just the answer to many thousands of questions.

" – SA 'I like to see people through my efforts, plus their intention to get rid of them gravitating moments of pain and discomfort. … I wish I was over the age of 30. " – AS As already noted, the two-day seminars Hubbard Dianetics are held every weekend in the Church of Scientology in Almaty. Everyone has a desire to improve their lives, to learn to help others get rid of the pain and the most can get help to visit a workshop in the Church of Scientology in Almaty.