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Cultivating The Seed Of The Success

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In this article, I will speak on as to sow ideas of success and prosperity in the subconscious mind in such a way to force to react it in favorable way being created a new destination, full of accomplishments pra you. In first place, it would like in accordance with to remember it that you are always creating its way through its way to face the world, its msticas, philosophical and religious conceptions. If everything is well with you, excellent. Wanting or not, you propitiated a fertile land for this. In case that contrary, you in the hour to remake the plantation of the good seeds that you want to see to germinate, to grow, to blossom and to give good fruits. He knows that to create a new destination he will be something as to cultivate a new garden, more beautiful vigorous in the yard of its house. Of pra simply not to select the seeds of its favourite flowers and to leave planting in the chosen place, without all is made a previous reorganization of the ground.

If you simply to launch the seeds to the ground poor, compact and dominated by harmful grass, probably its flowers will be suffocated and verwhelmed. Obviously, you need to clean the land of the harmful grass there gifts, to dig the land and to add fertilizing material. The same well-taken care of if he applies to the seeds of the success: to make them to grow you need to eliminate the planted harmful grass in the subconscious mind, kept for negative standards. He removes the planted seeds undesirable for inserted limitantes ideologies in its mental and emotional standard. He cleans the old energy that makes to perpetuate ackward events in its experience of life. Fertilize the land of its imagination, persisting in a positivista position philosophical, believing that its life can and must be abundant, creative and happy. It liberates its mind of fears, traumas and of all the unhappy memories through a powerful position to feel that you have the power to remodel its destination.

Executive Agency

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In this direction, it contributes for the attempt of implementation of distinct a civilizacional and societrio standard of the effective one, pautado in new ethics of the relation society-nature. (LOUREIRO, 2002.p.69) Therefore, the Ambient Education is of vital importance for the ambient socioeconmico development that it needs the Region. As a strategical artifice in the ample development of critical conscience of the social relations and of production that point out the insertion human being in the nature. CONCLUSION This work has the challenge to make compatible the ambient preservation with the economic development. Although not to be an easy task, already one glimpses some changes of attitudes on the part of the communities through implementation of concrete actions of ambient control. Searching to take care of the necessities of a society that each time more makes indiscriminate use of its natural resources and accepting a model of devastador development that prioritizes production in industrial scale, without if worrying about the ambient impacts caused by rejects it inadequate of pollutants in the environment. Perceiving that this same society, starts the spoon the fruits of the secular application of this model, bringing in the day the day the problems that the governing had still not even had the interest of if placing in practical in favor of the support of the region. Mainly in conditioning the population, in programming the studied region to control the ambient quality, through a system of monitoramento and monitoring, in diagnosising the possible risks of impacts and degradaes that can occur future..

Writer Reading

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Well, if you are reading this article, you are because she believes that she can be a good writer, certain? Congratulations! Already the first step was given! A writer is a personage who dares to be a small god, therefore is a person who has an anxiety to write, to create histories, lives But he comes somebody and he says there that you do not have talent. What it is the talent, after all? We go to see what some find on the subject: ' ' Talent is cheaper than salt. What it separates the talentosa person of the well-occurred one duro.&#039 is very work; ' (Stephen King) ' ' The luck to have talent is not enough, is necessary also to have talent for sorte.' ' (Hector Berlioz) ' ' The talentos reach goals that nobody more can reach; the geniuses reach goals that nobody never obtains ver.' ' (Arthur Schopenhauer) ' ' Everybody has a talent. What it is rare is the courage to follow the talent for the dark place where it leva.' ' (It makes bristle Jong) ' ' The talent is not enough to make the writer. Behind the book it must have homem.' ' (Ralph Waldo Emerson) ' ' The imagination is more important that conhecimento.' ' Albert Einstein ' ' At crisis moments, the imagination is only more important that conhecimento.' ' Albert Einstein Ok. But and there? How this if applies a writer? Easy! If you believe what she writes, if you love writing, you have talent.

I write what I would like to read, what I find good of if reading Thus Lewis made C.S. He is what I make; he is what a good writer must make, but must prevent to fall in a trap that is to write of egoistic form. It must be written freely, but with the mind opened for diverse ideas, therefore optimum half to improve our writing is reading terms that in them point the certain way! rsrs. ' ' If he has a book that you want to read, but was not written still, then you must escrev-lo.' ' (Toni Morrison) To write is not creates bobagens, is to create works of art. Until briefing!


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The mere knowledge does not lead to anyone, but you can be a leader without it. Leader It is a process of lifelong learning. 4 .- INTUITION, WHAT YOU FEEL leaders and is more than just a data domain. You have the ability to handle many intangibles. A leader and can see things that others can not make changes before others realize what is happening. 5 .- EXPERIENCE, WHERE HAVE BEEN The bigger they are the challenges faced in the past, the more likely it is that give fans an opportunity to lead.

The experience does not guarantee the credibility, but motivates people to give him a chance to prove it is capable of be Leader Y. 6 .- past successes, what they have done nothing better to convince fans that a good record. This is one reason why the followers rely on the ability of Y. Leader 7 .- CAPACITY, WHICH CAN MAKE Basics for the fans is what the leader and be able to do. That's the main reason that people will listen and recognize as their leader.

There is no music on a single note or never obtain even if the repeat hundreds of times. Just create a symphony when we combine different notes from different instruments. The harmony of diversity is fertile, while the harmony of the uniform is sterile. This shows that the best leader and that is, the better it will attract leaders. And that causes an incredible impact on everything you do. The Leader and is a benchmark for everyone. The difference between a leader and leadership and models of development is the place where the leader is placed in traditional leadership models took the top leader and the organization serves, in Instead, the Leader and occupies the center and the organization he serves. It's like the center of a wheel, where all rays converge. If the center is weak, the wheel will collapse. The thesis of leaders and is learning to address itself. Also, if you do not follow yourself, why then it should be done by someone else?. Contact itself is not making good decisions every day, write yourself is to take a few decisions and then manage those decisions. I conclude this short tour leader and one of the most famous quotes. It is summed up much of what this says: "Get to know others, know yourself and you succeed. About the area and success will be complete "Fernando Ivy is the creator of the concept" Leader Y ". He gives his principles to national and international companies. founder, helps people realize their personal and leadership potential. International speaker. Columnist on leadership and success.

Creativity and Leadership

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Creativity and leadership, two qualities that are needed in education. Among the requirements that large companies are asking the candidates to fill the most important positions are no longer a broad curriculum, highly qualified and studies at leading universities. What they are asking for is creativity, leadership, vision. Unfortunately these materials are not taught in universities. The absence of these materials contributes greatly to increasing unemployment of university graduates. The time we live is highly dynamic, everything moves, everything changes overnight, but the education students receive is paralyzing. We are “educated” with information that in five years will be obsolete. What sense does it review information that will have no utility? It gives undue weight to the data, when the importance of the creation of data. Information is privileged and neglects the creation of the data.

Information by itself does not contribute to training of men and women who are able to solve the problems they present in the not too distant future. Something that should be emphasized is the observation, the approach to the problems with the student and of course the same solution. This involves creativity, since it is the resource for solving problems in an original way. No student has the same problems as others, therefore, require different solutions. That’s where personal creativity. Most students at all levels according to study plans and programs established by a few scholars who determine what students should study. No matter the differences that exist between students, plans and programs are designed as if they were all the same.

Brodbeck Leadership

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When it comes to psychology, still thinking in more traditional areas of the discipline, i.e., clinical and mental health. However, many of the advances that as professionals, we have managed to disseminate our work to other professional areas. My particular case, because licensed nearly 10 years ago, is the certainty that technological changes are forcing us to work with new professionals such as computer programmers or designers. The technology revolution is continuing, we cannot predict exactly where. But we do know that we have to prepare ourselves. The options that are open are endless.

And the best news is that they are at our disposal. Psychologists are already accustomed to working in multiprofessional teams (doctors, social workers, teachers) and in addition, the work we do in our organizations has grown in uncertainty and ambiguity for years: polyvalent positions, time pressures, virtuality, an environment unpredictable, new forms of authority, structures with little clear hierarchies, importance of knowledge as a key factor in numerous businesses, the need for different skills, the advantage of the existence of distributed skills within a team, etc. To acquire these competencies, psychologists can be a key piece in the organizations. Living in uncertainty is in this context that I describe that psychologists have a relevant role as leaders in organizations. I been particularly interested in social psychology and leadership studies. In this specific field, there are many research teams at present, although perhaps the Globe (Global leadership and organizational behavior effectiveness) project is the most ambitious study to date on the topic of leadership. The Globe project includes 160 researchers of 62 societies throughout the world and analyzes the role of culture in the effectiveness of leadership. Through this study, different cultural dimensions have been identified as uncertainty avoidance, distance of power, collectivism, gender equality, assertiveness and orientation towards performance, people and future) and attributes of leadership (charismatic/based on values, orientation to the team, participatory, human orientation, self-employed and autoprotector), as well as beliefs shared in different cultures on effective leaders (House, Hanges, Javidan, Dorman and Gupta, 2004;) Collide, Brodbeck and House, 2007).

Leadership Aspects

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The ASPECTS OF a LEADER Taking for base the fact that leadership if does not impose and yes, if conquest and as corporative environments are highly dynamic, due to load of information and modifications which is displayed, the aspects most important for a leadership in the present time are: Knowledge of the team? only knowing its subordinate, a leader will know to extract optimum of each one. Enthusiasm and fellowship? The leader who before charging, searchs the results, infects the team. To promote moments of descontrao and integration alliviates the pressure on the work and approaches the people of itself. Attention in the market? To be intent to the modifications in the businesses, makes possible the leader to anticipate changes and to prepare its team for such, preventing abrupt situations and falls of income due to the same ones. To delegate the certain people? Inside of one it has equipped meet different abilities in different individuals.

To recognize this in the hour to choose somebody for an activity is of utmost importance. To know reward-Allow the anticipated exit in the friday to the afternoon for an employee who always is made use to work until later reaching a goal is demonstrative of a bonification for given services. Innumerable aspects for the good exercise of the leadership can be cited. Most important for the leader it will be to be intent to the commanded yearnings of its, to be able to help at the decisive moments, to be just and above all, to solve all misfortunes that will appear without needing the intervention superior hierarchic levels, therefore this condition, Beyond generating consuming, can add discredit to its potential, as much for the inferior level, how much of the superior level to its.

The Absence

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4. ions on the matter. Approaches of the motivation Scientifically 5 primary approaches to the motivation have been determined, that acting as a chain is related to each other, these are: 1. Approach of the motivation regarding the instincts. It is the motivation product of the loss of the biological normal energy levels that the organism must have: Sugar example, levels in the blood, regulated by means of the food ingestion, caused by the motivation (pulsin) of the hunger. While he is greater the deviation of the equilibrium state, major will be pulsin.2.

Approach regarding the reduction of pulsiones. Each person conserves a certain level of stimulation and of activity, where the deviations can be positive or negative, that is the people that are with low levels of stimulation will look for to increase them, whereas the people which they have high levels of stimulation look for reducirlos.3. Approaches regarding excitation. The people can be motivated to conduct battle in the absence of motivation by pulsin, for example, in the absence of hunger, the people can be motivated by incentives, in this case some postre.4. Approaches regarding incentives. To stimulate is an external key that activates the motivation.

Therefore if the individual is put under the appropriate incentives, its motivation can in particular be activated or be deactivated towards something. For example, if an individual continuously it is put under to him incentives that bring about hunger, could present/display serious problems of overweight later. That is to say, the repeated actions can become habits, of there the importance of the incentives to develop habits. 5. Mental approaches Are the paper that carry out the thoughts, the unconscious one, the expectations and the understanding of the real world to activate the motivation, for example the expectations which they have when developing certain type of activities of correct form, the knowledge to reach a wished goal, activate the motivation towards the activities that will take to us to reach this goal.

Dianetics Helps People

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For almost a year, as every weekend in religious association 'Church of Scientology of Almaty "at ul. Makatayev on Dianetics seminar held 126 Hubbard. This weekend was no exception. As always, the two day seminar were very rich and intense. In this seminar, everyone can master the techniques of Dianetics – the modern science of mind. Founder of Dianetics, L.

Ron Hubbard wrote: "Dianetics (from the Greek dia- through "and nous- Mind, "or "Soul") – the science of the mind. It's much easier to physics or chemistry, but not inferior to them in exactly the axioms and their far superior in terms of usefulness. In Dianetics was detected only source of all psychosomatic human diseases and the irrationality of his behavior and thinking and methodology was developed that allows to eradicate them with the same success. " Through the film 'How to apply Dianetics' participants on a visual example studied the principles of the human mind. After getting acquainted with some principles and techniques of Dianetics members together in pairs so that once on the personal experience to test and verify the effectiveness of Dianetics. Every participant has always discovering something new and find answers to many questions. Here are reviews of some participants: "I'm glad I had the opportunity in this life to learn about Dianetics. It just the answer to many thousands of questions.

" – SA 'I like to see people through my efforts, plus their intention to get rid of them gravitating moments of pain and discomfort. … I wish I was over the age of 30. " – AS As already noted, the two-day seminars Hubbard Dianetics are held every weekend in the Church of Scientology in Almaty. Everyone has a desire to improve their lives, to learn to help others get rid of the pain and the most can get help to visit a workshop in the Church of Scientology in Almaty.

Good Leader

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In the history of the business world, there is a very interesting story that made a big difference in leadership. Between 70 and 80, the company step Fiat of a position of close to collapse to one of sustained growth that drove the Italian company to be the second most profitable in the world, according to Fortune magazine, this company’s success could be attributed to a generation of managers and executives who distinguished himself by his leadership skillsfor their creativity and their commitment to the objectives and goals of the company, they questioned are these questions but the interesting thing is that they gave the answer: how transferring these skills to new managers? How to teach these skills, behaviors, missions and visions to future generations of a company? If your company is small or large, you’ll need sometime to delegate the responsibilities of your business. Who is going to run your business? A son, an employee, a Manager external, who? If you can not choose who is who will lead your company, you’ll face a big problem that could lead to the bankruptcy of the company, or simply your growth will stagnate and not by stabilization if not for lack of leadership. Leadership is the ability of a person of thinking and acting to go to progress, not to stagnate. Stagnate is a synonym for failure, is the lack of creativity, it is the lack of a leader. I write this article because I know that there are people like you, looking for learn to be better, to be leaders, to develop your leadership, because you have goals although not well established, these objectives will move to investigate and obtain the necessary information to develop your leadership. It is important as I said at the beginning, have leadership and know how to transmit these skills, very few leaders know that they must teach their skills to guarantee the development, growth and success in the future. If you look at you around, you’ll see people with normal business but not they are preparing to transmit their knowledge, or perhaps are not even leaders, and here is where I also ask: are you a leader in power? Do you have leadership in what you do? Are you a follower instead of a leader? Wherever you califiques within these three questions, you are right, but the interesting thing is that these already getting conscience that you can become a leader of action, effective and successful.

Normally, a person does not think that it is successful. He is only dedicated to study and get a job and becomes a professional employee, he spends working life, not enjoying life. Ignores what could be their success, perhaps never will have it. But, you you read this article, if you’re going to do, are going to develop your leadership and become a leader of action, will discover your dream of leader and get success in your life. I assure you. Sincerely. Manuel Hernandez, your coach of the successful creator of the course: Become a leader of action.