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Choose Photographer

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Many photos will be similar to each other as two drops of water. I think, not tell you a secret if I say that all married to one and the registry office, walking in the beautiful the center of the same city, visiting the same attractions. This is a tribute to traditions. Nothing’s wrong there. But there are photographers who are working long and aspire that their clients would have a unique photo try to come up with something new, for example: a custom perspective, color, staging newlyweds, working with accessories, photos in unusual places. This, above all, very interesting photographer. 12) The presence of collages and installation – it’s a matter of style of each photographer. Someone does not make them at all, while others offer many options.

It’s up to you. I want to say about how to understand qualitatively whether doing collage. Collage should look. It should not look like a face or figure pasted on top of photos. A simple example: the replacement of the background – the couple must be very carefully cut out and moved to a different background. Many photographers, unfortunately, doing it ineptly.

Or know how, but do not even try, believing that the customer will not notice. Let me explain, this is not talking about the fact that this is a bad photographer, but that he is a bad designer. Do not order collages from this photographer. If you like his photos – order only pictures and collages book designer. 13) Wedding – a special kind of photography. If you’re planning to get married – Choose a photographer who has experience shooting weddings. Photographing a wedding is somewhat more complicated than anything else: a Councils are usually complicated lighting and a huge area. 14) 2 camera. Inquire about the availability of spare camera. This is an optional time, but in very rare cases it may be helpful. 15) shooting in the dark. If you planning a night walk around the city – ask whether the photographer tripod. In conclusion: When you have your own wishes and dreams – tell us about the photographer and may your dreams come true. If you want to get pretty pictures and not think how it should look – choose to photographer whose style you like in general. If you follow, at least half of these instructions, the chance to choose a good photographer, you will more!



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Familiarity with the turnip is everyone in early childhood reading fairy tales about the turnip. But with the vegetable itself, many have not met a pity, because this amber-yellow root successfully combines excellent taste and wonderful healing properties. Under most conditions Prudential would agree. Let's learn about this age-old Russian vegetable more. In turnip long history. She was the second, and sometimes the first "bread", the conquered peoples paid tribute to her conqueror. Many commanders did not disdain personally prepare dishes from this wonderful vegetable. In some European countries, farmers paid a tithe is a turnip. In Russia turnips eaten all year round, baked her cakes, flavored soups and borscht, even preparing a special kvass.

Another Russian monks grew turnips to replenish the meager diet of harsh northern edge, because rap is growing even in the Far North. Turnip brew as cabbage, added to the flour (pre-dried and grinding). Turnip unpretentious, resistant to cold, does not require special care. By the way, it will be interesting to know that genetically modified rep does not exist, all turnips only natural and organic foods are needed for all, especially If you are installing. However, despite the usefulness of the roots, to introduce into your diet should be cautious. Even the ancient Greeks said that she puchit.

Flatulence is the sulfur contained in the turnips in large quantities. Therefore, mounting, try to drink less after a meal. Can mitigate these consequences of spices – cumin, coriander, dill. If raw turnip hard chew, rub it on a grater, or better yet, bake in the oven. Of course, raw product is better absorbed when the digestive tract relatively healthy. In the period of acute inflammatory diseases of the liver and gallbladder, and gastric and duodenal ulcers better to abandon the turnips. Not worth it to use and renal diseases, as well as increased flatulence. When you select a turnip, pay attention to her appearance – it should be bright yellow, firm, supple, with juicy green leaves. Withered greens, spots, Wormhole say about the poor quality of root crops. This solar vegetable diuretic properties, eliminates edema. And if your main job is to safely eat the turnip. This root can be included in the diet. From of old compresses of steamed turnips were treated with chilblains, pain in the joints. So that the turnip is not only a useful product, but a drug that helps in many diseases. In the old days, when still in Russia did not know sugar and honey worth expensive, eating dried turnip, which is reminiscent of dried fruits, which redechny sweet aroma gave a special piquancy.


How To Choose A Coach ?

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Those who have never used the services of a coach and have not heard anything about coaching, he asked: "Why did he actually choose? Why does he need? ". Let me explain. Each of us faces in life with a variety of tasks and challenges. And lie they are in a variety of fields: business, career, personal life and so on. MetLife understands that this is vital information. Of course, there is no unsolvable problems, and each person may eventually deal with his problems himself. But sometimes it is more convenient, faster and more efficiently it done with a coach. New York Life might disagree with that approach.

Coach – a person who is using certain techniques, help you find the right one, the most effective solution in this situation, find the resources and forces to implement this decision in life. Coaching – it is not advice and tips, is the discovery of human potential for its greater fulfillment in life. Who needs it? It is necessary for those who want positive changes in your life who wants to be more than has now, who wants to make their lives more rich, interesting and successful. Such people will agree, a lot. Suppose you decide that the solution of any problem or task you need a coach.

Immediately raises two question: how to find it? How to choose a coach that really helps you? First, how and where to find it. Of course, the best option would be the recommendation of your friends who have already used the services of a coach. As a rule, customers (in this case – someone you know) is the contact information, as well as experience of working with a coach.