Circular Saws

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Another shortcoming – the impossibility of such a tool to work on non-electrified sites. Cordless is much safer, they can work in any conditions. However, the negative here – the need to recharge after a few hours of use. When selecting a tool is important to pay attention to additional features that make work more comfortable. The presence of reverse rotation allows both clockwise and against. Soft start allows you to gradually, without shock, increasing depression, increase the number of revolutions. Limiter inrush current – if the instrument this function is, it will not twitch in his hands and create an unnecessary burden on the grid. Tool, in the process which produced a lot of dust, it is important the presence of dust removal system, which allows connect the instrument to a vacuum cleaner.

Another option – dust extraction function may be provided in the instrument. When buying a power tool should be clearly aware of how it is used. Purchase multi-tool – not the best option. Typically in such devices and technical performance below. Good universal tool, as the experts do not exist.

Another important point – the tool should be comfortable, so when you buy it must necessarily hold in their hands. The weight will also need to pay attention. If the tool is hard, long work with him can be exhausting. Let us say A few words about the different types of power tools. So, buying an electric drill, it is worth thinking about, what materials it will work. With the help of common household drill to drill can be wood, plastic, various metals. To get the holes in brick or concrete is best to use percussion drill. You can also choose a home punch, which is in power 600-1100 W, and the force of impact will allow 1,8-4 J hammer drilling. Hammers are also excellent assistants in the various preparatory work, such as removing old tile from the wall, plaster. Need to buy a screwdriver, if there is work-related screwing a lot of screws and bolts. It is better to choose the battery option. It is advisable to pay attention to such characteristics as smooth speed control. Jigsaw Blades used for cutting wood, metal, ceramics and other materials. Modern Jigsaw has control of harsh – the harder the material, the number is less harsh, and a multi-pendulum motion – cutting mode. Circular Saws used for longitudinal and transverse cuts in the tree. They help carry out sawing MDF, chipboard, plastic, plasterboard, aerated concrete, acrylic, aluminum, copper, etc. When selecting saw blades is important pay attention to power, the maximum depth of cut, frequency of rotation of the disk. The question of what the tool manufacturer to give preference, it is better to decide by examining the characteristics of interest models on the official websites of manufacturers. The optional tool must complete with official warranty card, in which the addresses of service centers, and instruction in Russian. Article provided by "Cyber" – e-shop tools