Crop Circles Cropcircles

Crop Circles (icons in the margins) – correct geometrical education in the fields of farmland, representing polegshie ears or grass. Plant stalks are bent in knots so that they become parallel to the ground. All stems are bent at the same time in one direction around the circle. Drawings themselves are usually abstract patterns, very precise in execution, the size reaching several tens of meters, resulting in What they all can only be seen from a bird's flight. Despite the fact that the ears are bent parallel to the ground, they continue to grow normally. Studies have found many pictures of their strange features: icon within the circular magnetic anomalies observed in some people, headache, animals refuse to enter into the picture, and placed there by force behave restlessly. Study ears showed presence of tiny metal balls. To date, there are many theories about the origin drawings in the margins: a natural origin, alien version, and drawing.

The most interesting version – this is extraterrestrial origin of icons. However, it can not explain the purpose of creating such images. Today, almost every day there are new publications and drawings and the drawings become more complex. There was a lot of enthusiasts who are trying with the help of mathematical constructions to decipher a meaning inherent in their opinion in these drawings. As the more complex icons, and growing surprise witnesses. It was once thought that bent grass – it's an unknown natural phenomenon. These days, when it became clear that the signs carry some information, science (as often happens in such cases) prefers not to notice the phenomenon. Thus, Today crop circle mystery remains unsolved. More information about this and other online mogom