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The times the words flow in our mind as a torrent, but we do not know passes them with sublimidade for the reader. That is the consequence of the decurrent illiteracy of them we pssimos professors and of the governing careless with the zeal for the education of the Brazilian people. Logically it is more easy to govern illiterate, therefore nothing podera it withhold the most clarified. They see a people who does not know to descirnir the right hand of the left, is conviniente to the commanders of the nation, therefore a ignorant people of all a gamma of sciences, is clearly that we will not have access the nothing that podera helping in them, and therefore I add unfortunate persons. We are what we want to be! I do not believe this philosophy, therefore we live in parents who make in them of marionettes, directing each one as they want. For this, it is enough to look at them to me for the taxes that are charged of each Brazilian citizen, that is: they are taxes for each one of in exactly..

The Child

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It thinks about the possibilities of discoveries of a child, when it starts to engatinhar later the floor, in relation when this child was in the cradle with some days of life. Maturation neurofisiolgica- is what it becomes possible definitive standard of behavior. The alfabetizao of the children, for example, depends on this maturation. To hold the pencil and to manejar it as we, are necessary a neurological development that the child of 2,3 years does not have. It observes as insurance the pencil. Half the set of you influence and ambient stimulations he modifies the standards of behavior of the individual. For example, if the verbal stimulation will be very intense, a child of 3 years can have very bigger a verbal repertoire of it measured what it of the children of its age, but at the same time, can not go up and to go down with easiness of stairs, because this situation can not have eito has left of its experience of life.

(BOCK et al, 1997 p.82) If to analyze these factors we will go to understand that since child the human development comes being worked in the family and that by means of this context the family exerts a basic paper in the life of the pupil. The family is the place of the unit, of the continuity. Already school is the place of the diversity, of the difference. The important partnership of the family with development of the pupil is in the direction to stimulate the child if to involve actively in the life of the pertaining to school, to have curiosity for learning and interpreting the world. 1.2 The SCHOOL AND the STUDY OF the PSICOPEDAGOGIA When the behavior of the people is observed, exactly of whom they possess one high cultural level, the fear intimidates to them has not to believe its potentialities, thus preventing all the possibilities of if expressing ahead of a group of people.

Cultivating The Seed Of The Success

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In this article, I will speak on as to sow ideas of success and prosperity in the subconscious mind in such a way to force to react it in favorable way being created a new destination, full of accomplishments pra you. In first place, it would like in accordance with to remember it that you are always creating its way through its way to face the world, its msticas, philosophical and religious conceptions. If everything is well with you, excellent. Wanting or not, you propitiated a fertile land for this. In case that contrary, you in the hour to remake the plantation of the good seeds that you want to see to germinate, to grow, to blossom and to give good fruits. He knows that to create a new destination he will be something as to cultivate a new garden, more beautiful vigorous in the yard of its house. Of pra simply not to select the seeds of its favourite flowers and to leave planting in the chosen place, without all is made a previous reorganization of the ground.

If you simply to launch the seeds to the ground poor, compact and dominated by harmful grass, probably its flowers will be suffocated and verwhelmed. Obviously, you need to clean the land of the harmful grass there gifts, to dig the land and to add fertilizing material. The same well-taken care of if he applies to the seeds of the success: to make them to grow you need to eliminate the planted harmful grass in the subconscious mind, kept for negative standards. He removes the planted seeds undesirable for inserted limitantes ideologies in its mental and emotional standard. He cleans the old energy that makes to perpetuate ackward events in its experience of life. Fertilize the land of its imagination, persisting in a positivista position philosophical, believing that its life can and must be abundant, creative and happy. It liberates its mind of fears, traumas and of all the unhappy memories through a powerful position to feel that you have the power to remodel its destination.

Leadership Aspects

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The ASPECTS OF a LEADER Taking for base the fact that leadership if does not impose and yes, if conquest and as corporative environments are highly dynamic, due to load of information and modifications which is displayed, the aspects most important for a leadership in the present time are: Knowledge of the team? only knowing its subordinate, a leader will know to extract optimum of each one. Enthusiasm and fellowship? The leader who before charging, searchs the results, infects the team. To promote moments of descontrao and integration alliviates the pressure on the work and approaches the people of itself. Attention in the market? To be intent to the modifications in the businesses, makes possible the leader to anticipate changes and to prepare its team for such, preventing abrupt situations and falls of income due to the same ones. To delegate the certain people? Inside of one it has equipped meet different abilities in different individuals.

To recognize this in the hour to choose somebody for an activity is of utmost importance. To know reward-Allow the anticipated exit in the friday to the afternoon for an employee who always is made use to work until later reaching a goal is demonstrative of a bonification for given services. Innumerable aspects for the good exercise of the leadership can be cited. Most important for the leader it will be to be intent to the commanded yearnings of its, to be able to help at the decisive moments, to be just and above all, to solve all misfortunes that will appear without needing the intervention superior hierarchic levels, therefore this condition, Beyond generating consuming, can add discredit to its potential, as much for the inferior level, how much of the superior level to its.