The Vision

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The beginning of the success of an enterprise it is the strategical planning of its action duly structuralized, organized and operating in the decision taking. In accordance with Chiavenato (2008), to be successful the entrepreneur must know to manage all the activities related directly and indirectly with the business, to deeply know the customer and its necessities, to define its mission and vision, to formulate objectives and to establish strategies. In accordance with Dornelas (2005), to undertake is to make something different conventional it, to have strategy in anticipating the changes, knowing to identify a chance to it and to always use to advantage the chance, assuming the responsibility (risks) with ousadia, creativity, innovation and much determination. Entrepreneurs are differentiated people, who want to be recognized for its performance and enterprising ability. According to Dornelas (2005), the enterprising process can be taught and be learned by any person, but the success elapses of diverse internal and external factors to the business, of the profile of the entrepreneur and of as it manages the adversities of its enterprise.

Thus an entrepreneur has as main abilities: The Vision: ample how much to its project, planning of action and execution of its enterprise. The Taking of decision: attitude at the moment accurate, necessary in its action, that must be calculated and be foreseen, measuring all the weak and strong points. Its you differentiate: they place ideas in practical, has the power to conquer its ideals, enaltecendo its main advantages, get dom to dominate the market and to reach profits in its projects. Formation of opinion and profile of leadership: to be able to captivate the people and to involve them in its intention, with the fulfilment of rewards for such attitude of cooperation with its leader. Interpersonal relationship: interaction and envolvement inside of the society that this inserted one for the reach of the accomplishment of its enterprising project.